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All that one complete residential Flat, being No. C-2 on the second floor South - East side of multi - storied building named as 'SachinAbasan" over the land more fully described in the First Schedule herein above measurin 517.5 sq.ft. covered area plus proportionate share of stair case 28 sq.ft. including 20% service area i.e. 103.5 sq.ft. service area i.e. total super built up area measuring 649 sq.ft. more or less, with marble floor consisting of two bed rooms, one diningcum-drawing room, one kitchen, one toilet and balcony together with undivided proportionate share and interest of total land over which the said multi storied building is constructed, which is lying and situated at Premises no. 55, S.M. Bose Road (Sarkar Bagan), P.S. Khardah, P.O. Agarpara, Kolkata 700109, within the limits seseeshese of Panihati Municipality under Ward No. 11, Holding No. 55, S M Bose Road together with all easement right common rights, landing, common space which includes the area of flat and proportionate share of the common area in the building. Boundaries : North : Flat No. D-2 & Stair, South : Open to Sky, East: Open to Sky, West : Flat No. B-2.

Property Details
Reserve Price :  22,82,000
  • Borrower Name :  M/s Ganesh Trading Co
  • Asset Category :  Residential
  • Auction Type :  Sarfaesi Auction
  • Property Type :  Residential Flat
  • Auction Start Date :  30-01-2023 11:00 AM
  • Auction End Time :  30-01-2023 04:00 PM
  • Application Subbmision Date :  2023-01-29 17:00:00
Bank Details
  • Bank Name :
  • EMD :  2,28,200
  • Branch Name :  Zonal Office
  • Service Provider :

Contact No : 033 40259718

  • Sale Notice 1: Indian-Bank116.jpg

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