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Reserve Price: ₹ 1,06,05,000
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: ₹ 10,60,500
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Contact Details: Mr. Shelvakumar, Mob: 9489977918, Ph: 0427-2440411. Cell: 9445028337

DETAILS OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES: Propery-1 SALE DEED dated 06.06.2011 (Dec . f.5108/2011): Alt part and parcel of land and building in the name SIT S BALINL W/O SENTHIL KUMAR located are strict, Salem (Wienst) Registration District OMALI Suestionic Fegista Omaitur Dess/Assesment Rs.155 of entirety 2) Survey 9/58, Punja Hect 0.0250 Acre 006, Cmt/Assessment Ft.0.20 of antirety 2) Servey No. 11/342, Punja Hect, 002.50, (в, Асте 0:00 Class Taluk, Kottametupatty Village, Rem No. 1 Property: 1) Survey No. 9/483 P 0.10.00 Acre 0.26%, Assesment Rs.3.15 of entity. 4) Survey Re. 11/4A, Punga Hect 0:01.50, 18, Acre 0.0001%, Cessment 0.01.00, Ace 0.03%, Cess/Ausesamere P.0.10 of antivity 8 Survey No 3/482, Punja Hest, 0.10.00, Acre 0.24%, Cess/Assessment Po.055 of entirety. Thus, totaling to the P.0.50 of entirety. Thus, totaling to the extent of Acre 0.09% of Rum No.2 Property (7) Survey No.3481, Purja Het R.0.10 of antity 5) Survey No. 11/48 Punja Hect. 0.03:00,1, Acne 0.37% 0.25 of entity) Survey No. 11/341, Punja Hect 0:00:00, L., Асте 0.22, Cess (Аслит int of Acre 22 fland. Thus aggregating to the extent of Acre 0.001% flat, which was ploded into house sides/plots in the name and style of "SEMMOZHI MAHAR" in which Plot No. 14 having the boundaries, arts and seat of: Pots 15 West of: Land Prathu, North of land Pot South of East-West layout road in between the above the in measurements Black-1:South-Northonatem side 57 feet, South-orthoside 50 het. East-West on the side 22 feet fast-Winton Southern side 30 feed. Thus adressuring 174710 s fest of land Block- (Eastern side of Black-Sun-Northon East 50-North Westside 57 let. East-West on es them side 12 tutto cut fet. Thus anatung 343 sent. This aggregabingto the edant of (17471345)20825feet of land along with the rights t ute and/or take cattle, cart and vehicle through the layouts/pathways there and all other pathway nights and entghts as prescribed Sale Deed dated 06.06.2011 (Doc. No.510/2011) and its parente deeds. The aforesaid Plut No. 14 is shed at furvey Nas 483, 11/48411/342 stuated with theirs of Kottametupaty Vitage Panchayat and Omatur Panchayat Union Property SALE DEED dated 05.11.2011 (Doc. No. 8887/2011): Al that part and parcel of land and building in the name of SITS NALINI, W/O. SERTHIK KUMAR located at Daen District, Sawn (West) Registration Chemict, OMALUR Sub-Regretration District, Omatur Taluk, Kottamattupatty Village, Ram Ne. 1 Property: 1) Survey No.9483, Prjа нест 0, 10:00, L., Ace 0.241%, C/Amert.055 of antity: 2) Survey No/58, Purja Hect 0.02:50. Le, Acre 0.06, Cess Assessment is 0.20 of entirety, 3) Survey No.11/342, Purja Hect 0.02 50, (e. Ame 0.06, Cess/Ass 0.15 oferty, 43 Survey No. 11/4A, Punja H.0.01.00, се, Асте 0.03%, CR0.10 of antrety, 5) Survey No. 11/48, Puja Hict0.00.00.лв., Асте 0:07, Cess/A.035 of 6) Survey No. 11/341, 0.00.00, e, Acre 0.22, Ca/A050 fentirety, Thus, totating to the extent of Acre 0.00% of land. Bem No.2 Property: 7) Servey No.9/481, Рада Макс 0:01.50, Acre 0.03 14, Dessert Rs0.10 of entirety, 8) Sarvey No.8/402, Purja Hect.0.10.00, le, Acre 0.24% Des AR0.00 fententy. Thus, totaling to the extent of Acre 0.22% of land. Thus aggregating to the set of Acre 0.901% of land, which was plotted house sites/plots in the narte and style of "SEMIMOZHINAGAR in which PLOT NO. 15 having the bountries, extents and measurements are as under EAST of Put No. 16, WEST of Pluto 14 lady purchased by NORTH ef-Land Prathu, SOUTH of East-West layout road in between the above, the Inwar mesures East-West un Northern side-30 feet East-Weston Southern side-30 feet, South Narthon Eastern-id-55 feet South-Northon Westside-5514 teet. Thus, admeasuring 1648 sq. tt of land and building song with the rights to use and or take cattle, cart and vehicle through the layout roads/pathways left therein and all other pathway rights and essement rights as prescribed inte/SALE DEED dated 09.11.2011 (Doc. No. 986/2011) and sparante deeds. The aforesaid pot no 15 is situated a survey nos 9-483 & 11/342 Situated within the limits of Kottamattupatty village panchayat and omatur panchayat union, atat Ares property-12-209211648-37401650 tofland and Building

Province/State: Tamil Nadu
City/Town:   Salem
Area/Town: Kottamattupatty
Property Details
Borrower Name
: Smt. S.Malini
Asset Category
Property Type
: Land And Building
Auction Type
: Sarfaesi Auction
Auction Start Time
: 08-05-2024 11:30 AM
Auction End Date
: 08-05-2024 12:30 PM
Application Submision Date
: 06-05-2024 05:00 PM
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