Auction Id: #171170
Bank Details
Reserve Price: ₹ 2,51,50,000
Bank Name
: ₹ 25,15,000
Branch Name
: Bodinayakkanur Branch
Service Provider
Contact Details: ( 9480691777/ 8880531165/9444805621)

1) Theni District, Periyakulam Re-District, Theni Taluk, Sub division, Allinagaram Village, Comprised in Manaiyadi Ayan Sy.No. 274 out of an extent of 23 cents on its north west corner leaving a triangle shaped 14 cents the remaining 21% cents, and in Punja Ayan Sy.No. 273/B3 out of an extent of 1.29 Acres on its west out of an extent of 24 cents on its west out of an extent of 3 Cents, leaving 1 cents on its west end the remaining 2 cents have been allocated for 20 ft width North South common path way, on east the remaining extent measuring 1.22 acres, thus totaling 1 Acre 43% Cents (i.e. 21 % Cents + 1.22 Acres) is Bounded by: East - S.No. 273/B4, South- East West Raja Vaikal, West - 20 Ft width North South Pathway, North-Railways Land. Within this boundaries 1.43% Acre of Punja Land along with well establishment of 4 cents in Sy.No. 273/83 along with 7% HP Electric Motor pump set etc., in which an undivided rights of 2/6 part and in which Sy.No. 273/B3 out of said 1.22 Acre as the applicant herein already sold out an extent of 21 cents to M.Jeyaram and 7 Cents to Mr. R.Aandavar the remaining 94 Cents in Sy.No. 273/B3 and 21% cents in sy.No. 274 thus totalling 1.15% Acre belongs to applicant. The said property now comes under the net of Town survey of Theni -Allinagaram Municipality. 1) Theni District, Periyakulam Re-District, Theni Taluk, Sub division, Allinagaram Village, at Theni comprised in Manaiyadi Ayan Sy. No. 275/3 out of an extent of 1.31 Acre on its east out of an extent o 1.17 Acre on its south block from west to east, plot No. 20, 21 out of an extent of 2588% sq.ft on its east and a triangle shaped house site to an extent of 548 4 sq.ft (50.93 Meter) is bounded by: East-Sy.No. 274, South East West Raja Vaikal, West Balamurugan and Thirugnanasambadham's Land, North - North South 16 ft. width of East West common Pathway. Measurement: East west (North): 0, (South): 25½ Ft, North South (West): 43 Ft, (East): 50 ½ Ft. Total 548 4 Sq.ft. Measurement Details of 1st and 2nd Items of Scheduled Properties: 1) Sy.No. 274 Punja Land - 21 % Cents, Sy.No. 273/83 Punja Land: 94 Cents. Total: 1 Acre 15 3% Cents. 2) Sy.No. 275/3 Vacant House Site: 548 % Sq.ft

Province/State: Tamil Nadu
City/Town:   Theni
Area/Town: Periyakulam
Property Details
Borrower Name
: Mr. B.Deivendran
Asset Category
Property Type
: Land
Auction Type
: Sarfaesi Auction
Auction Start Time
: 13-12-2023 11:00 AM
Auction End Date
: 13-12-2023 01:00 PM
Application Subbmision Date
: 12-12-2023 04:00 PM
Sale Notice 1: 
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