Auction Id: #170953
Bank Details
Reserve Price: ₹ 3,37,000
Bank Name
: ₹ 33,700
Branch Name
: Regional Office
Service Provider
Contact Details: Helpline No.-033-22901004

1)3 ) Matiabhanga, Area 22 Decimal, Thak No-285,Khatian No-653,Dag No-18,16, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 3134 Dated 14.06.2001. Mouza Kraterbiri, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 52 Decimal(1) Thak No 285, Khatian No- 752,Dag No-597 Area 10 Decimal (2) Thak No-285,Khatan No-128, 39,32,33 Area 39 Decimal (3) Thak No-285, Khatian No-18,Dag No-596 Area 3 Decimal, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 3723 Cated 14.10.1999 Nouza-Khate bari, Thana-Mathabhangs, Are: 38 Decimal, (1)Thak No-285,Khatian No-662,Dag No-290,503 Area 14 Decimal(2) Thak No- 205Khatian No-10,Dag No-G5 Aree 10 Decima (3) Thak No-205,hatian No-134,Dag No- 611 Area 08 Decimal, District: Cooch Behar. Deed so. 5425 Dated 24.39.1957 Mouza- Khaterbari Than-Mathabhanga, Area 114 Acre, (1)Thak No-285,Khation No 5,Dog No- 617,643 Area 46 Decimal (2) Thak No-285,Khatian No-135,Dag No-600 Area 11 Decimal (3) That No-285, Khetian No-128Dag No-609 Area 35 Decimal (4) Thak No-285, Katian No- 130Dag No-604,607 Area 15 Decimal (5) Thak No-285,Khatian No-132,Dag No-601 Ares 07 Decimal. District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5381 Dated 2209.1997 Mouza- Khaterbari Thasa-Mathabhanga, Area 0.29Decimal, Thak NO285, Khatian No 653 Dag No 16,17, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 444 Dated 22.01.1998 Mouza- Khaterbar, Thasa-Mathabhanga. Are: 0.40 Decimal, JL No. 121,Thak No-285, Toui NO-481/775,Rs.Khatian No-34LR Khatian No-423,RS Dag No-5455,5456,5427 R Dag No-7673,7674,7630 District: Cooch Behar Ceed No-4142 dated 26.08.2002 Khaterbari, Thana-Mahabhanga, Area 10 Decinal, Trak No-285 Khatian No,750,751,128 Dag No-923,924,921,922, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5315 Dated 17.09.1997 Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana-Mahabhanga, Area 82 Decimal, Trak No-285 Khatian Nc-653,Cag No 38, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 3627 Daced 19.06.1996 Mouza- Khaterbari Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 0.33Decimal, Trak No-285,Khatian No-653,Dag No- 24, Distric:: Cooch Behar. Deed nc. 4756 Dated 16.09.1996 Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana- Mathabhanga, Area 75 Decimal, Thak No-291 Khatian No-1089,30g No-9565, District: Cooch Behar. Dead no. 3624 Dated 19.06.1996. Moua- Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Are: 33 Decimal, Thak No-285 Khadan No-653,Cag No-25, District: Cooch Behar. Deet no. 4081 Dated 22.07.1996, Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana-Mithabhanga, Area 38 Decimal, Thak No-285 Khatian No-653 Dag No-38, Distria. Cooch Behar. Deed no. 2236 Dated:7.04.1996 Mouza-Gadolerkuthi, Thana-Mathibhanga, Area 100 Decimal, Trak No-298 Khatian No- 238 Dag No 1964, Dstrict: Cooch Behar. Decd no. 3211 Dated 05.06.1996.Mouza Khaterbari Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 66 Decimal, Thak No-285 Khatian No-653,Dag No- 29,30, District: Cooch Behar. Dead no. 6208 Dated 2812.1935.Mouza- Khaterburi, Thana- Mathabhanga, Area 83 Decmal, Thak No-285 Khatian No-653,Dag No-41,28, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5947 Dated 14.12.1995 Mouza- Khaterbas, Thasa-Mathabhanga, Area 64 Decimal. Thak No-285 Khatan No-653,Dag No-28 & 35 District: Cooch Behar. Ceed no. 6042 Dated 18.12.1995 Mouza- Khaterbari. Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 41 Decimal, That No-285 Khatian No-653,Dag No-39 & 41, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5945 Dated 14.12.1995 Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 33 Decimal, Thak No-285 Khatian No-653,Dag No-31, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no.33 Dated 04.31.1956 Mouza- Gaderkuthi&Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga,1. Area 33 Decimal, Trak Ne-298 Khatian No-

Province/State: West Bengal
City/Town:   Cooch Behar
Area/Town: Coochbehar
Property Details
Borrower Name
: M/s S A Plywood custry Pvt. Ltd
Asset Category
Property Type
: Land
Auction Type
: Sarfaesi Auction
Auction Start Time
: 28-12-2023 12:00 PM
Auction End Date
: 28-12-2023 04:00 PM
Application Subbmision Date
: 27-12-2023 05:00 PM
Sale Notice 1: 
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