Auction Id: #170951
Bank Details
Reserve Price: ₹ 3,37,000
Bank Name
: ₹ 33,700
Branch Name
: Regional Office
Service Provider
Contact Details: Helpline No.-033-22901004

1) 2) Deed no. 6121 Dated 24.11.1997.Mouce Kheleber, The Methalange, Ance 01 A Thak NO-285,Khatian No-653 Dag No-28,32, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 1128 Dated 05.03.1996.Moum Kheterbari, Thane Mathebhange, Arcs 16 Decimal, (1) Thak No- 285,Khatian No-135,Dag No-920 Area 05 Decimal (2) Thak No-285,hatian No-663,Dag No- 610 Area C3 Decimal (3) Thak No-285, Khatian No-134,Cag No-611 Area & Decimal, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no 5312 Dated 17.09.1997.Mouza- Khaterban, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 35 Derimal Thak No-285 Khitian N-777,Bag No-5681,5687, Distret: Conch Rehar. Deed no. 2556 Dated 15.05.2002 Moura- Khaterbar, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 13 Decimal.(1) Thak No-285 Khatlan No-665.Dag Nc-291.295 Area 8 Decimal (2) Thak No-285 Khatian Nc-663,Dag No-290 Area 05 Decimal, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5424 Dated 24.09.1997. Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 265 Decimal, Thak No-285,RS Khatian No-772,LR Khatian No-1405,RS Dag No-516,5704 LR Dag No-8002/8031, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no 2557 Dated 15.05.2002 Mouza- Khaterban, Thasa-Mathabhanga, Area 75 Decimal Thak No-285 JL No. 12: Touj No-431,RS chatian No-33 LR Khatian No- 276 RS Dag No-5427,5456,5157,5452 LR Dag No-7627,7674,7673,7675 7670 District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 2708 Dated 21.05.2002. Mous- Khaterbas, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 23 Decimal. Thak No-285,Khatian No-653,Dag No-31, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 3116 Dated 14.06.2001.Mouza- Khaterban, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 46 Dedmal, Thak No-285, Khatian Vo-876,Dag No-5683, Distric: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5050 Dated 16.12.200.Mouza- Khaterbar, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 1/ Decinal, Thak No- 285,Khatian No-13 Dag No-618,624, District Cooch Behar. Deed no. 2:81 Dated 23.04.1998.Muum- Khaterbel, Thane-Methabhanga, Area 48 Decimal, Thak No-285 Khatian Mo-653,Dag No-16,17, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 443 Dated 22.01.1996.Moum- Kheterberi, Thana-Nathabhanga, Ares 8.5 Decimal, Thak No- 285,Khatian No-13 Dag No-618, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 790 Dated 11.02.1995.Moun- Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 112 Decimal, Thak No-285, Khatian NO-771,Dag No-5701,5702,5705,5700,5637,5690 to 5699,5632,5688, District: Cooch Rehar Deed no 404 Dated 3001 2003 Mouza- Chaterari, Thana-Mathabhang, Area 47 Decimal,(1) Thak No-285,Katian No-750,Dag No-923,Area 14 Decimal (2) Thak No- 285 Khatian No-128.Dae No-921.922 Area-25 Decimal B3) Thak No-285.Khatian No 751.Dae No-924 Area- 8 Decimal, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 5313 Dated 17.09.1997.Mouza- Khaterbari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 29 Decimal, Thak No-285,RS Khatian No-653,LR Dag No-40,41, District: Cooch Behar, Deed no. 2122 Dated 07.04.1997.Mouza- Khatersari, Thana-Mathabhanga, Area 35 Decimal, Thak No-285,RS Khatian No-772,LR Katian No- 1405,RS Dag No-5681,5682 LR Dag No-8001,8002, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 2554 Dated 15.05.2002.Mouta- Khaterbai, Thana-Mahabhanga, Area 112 Decimal, Thak No- 285,Khatia No-771,RS Dag No-5731,5702,5705,5700 5687,5697,5596, 5695,5654,5693,5692,5691,5690,5682,5688, District: Cooch Behar. Deed no. 405 Dated 30.01.2003.Mouza- Khiterbar, Thana-Mahabhanga, Area 265 Decimal Thak No-285,RS Khatian Nc-772,LR Khatian Nc-1405RS Dag No-5682,5734, Dag No-8302/831, JL No. 121, District: Cooch Behar Deed no. 2555 Dated 15.05.2002 Mouza Khaterbar, Thana-

Province/State: West Bengal
City/Town:   Cooch Behar
Area/Town: Coochbehar
Property Details
Borrower Name
: M/s S A Plywood custry Pvt. Ltd
Asset Category
Property Type
: Land
Auction Type
: Sarfaesi Auction
Auction Start Time
: 28-12-2023 12:00 PM
Auction End Date
: 28-12-2023 04:00 PM
Application Submision Date
: 27-12-2023 05:00 PM
Sale Notice 1: 
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