Lower Parel Branch

Plot in Kanuru , Vijayawada

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    Contact No : Mr. Arjit Bhatt- 9029073280
  • Price Reserve:   30,45,911
  • EMD Amount:   3,04,591

Property Detaills

Krishna Dist, Vjayawada District Registrar, Patamat Sub-Registrar Penamaluru Mandal, Kanuru Gram Panchayat, Kanuru Vilage R.S No. 22/3A, Plot No. 5, Site admeasuring 266.7 Sq.yds being boun ded by East:33' Feet wide Road 36-09 Ft, South: Plot No.6 61-08 Ft, West : Property of R Subba Rao - 43-11 Ft, North: Plot No. 4 57-08 Ft In between these boundaries unspecified joint share of extent 40 Sq.Yds or 33.44 Sq.Mts out of total extent admeasuring 266.7 Sq.Yds or 222.995 Sq. Mts. 

Schedule-B: In the above mentioned entire Schedule-A property apartments construded in the name and style "SRI RAMA NILAYAM", Asst No. 10507, Door No. 19-806, in that Flat No. SF-2, in Second Floor be ing bound- ed by East: Stair Case, Lift &Common Coridor, South: Open to Sky, West :0Open to Sky, North: Corridor In between the above boundaries Flat No. SF-2, admeasuring 805 Sq.Fts Plinth area, 105 Sq.Ft Common Areas, 80 Sq.Ft Car Parking, with al amenities, fixtures, fitings, together with joint rights in common facilties lke stair case, Iift, drainage together with all rights of easements relating theeto.

More Details
Bank and Branch : Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd and Lower Parel Branch
Auction Type : Sarfaesi Auction
Borrower Name:

Mrs. Pushpa latha Sappa

Property Type: Plot
Asset Category : Immovable
Auction Date and Time 15-06-2022 02:00 PM
Auction End Time 15-06-2022 03:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline 14-06-2022 05:00 PM
Service Provider Bankauctions.in
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English Sale Notice