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Land And Building in Periyanaickenpalayam , Coimbatore

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    Contact No : 0422-2549459/ 2555655
  • Price Reserve:   95,50,000
  • EMD Amount:   9,55,000

Property Detaills

Schedule A : In Coimbatore Registration District, Perianaickenpalayam Sub Registration District, Coimbatore North Taluk, in Perianaickenpalayam village, S.F.Nos.323/2 & 324, a larger extent of land which has been formed into a layout of house sites, in this Site Nos.22 and 32, is situated within the following Boundaries : North of : East west road, South of : 22 feet wide East West Road, East of : 23 feet wide North South Road, West of : Site No.21 and 33. Site No.22 : having the following Measurements : Within this, East West on the North - 30 feet; East West on the South - 35 feet; North South on the East - 60 feet; North South on the West - 55 feet; North West Corner cross - 07 feet. Admeasuring an extent of 2088 sq.ft and Site No.32 : having the following Measurements : East West on the North - 35 feet; East West on the South - 30 feet; North South on the East - 58 feet; North South on the West - 52 ½ feet; South West corner cross 07 feet. Admeasuring an extent of 2009 sq.ft of land. Both sites totaling an extent of 4097 sq.ft or 9 Cents 177 sq.ft of vacant site together with North facing Tiled building constructed in 400 sq.ft of land together with its doors, windows and appurtenances attached thereto. Door No.7E, Tax Assessment No.809, Mayaana Street, Electricity service connection no. SC 642, together with its deposits. Water connection No.3322, together with its deposits. And the pathway and Cart Track rights in the Mamool roads and layout roads and appurtenances attached thereto. The above property is situated within the limits of Perianaickenpalayam Special Panchayat Limits.

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Bank and Branch : Canara Bank and ARM Branch
Auction Type : Sarfaesi Auction
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Property Type: Land And Building
Asset Category : Immovable
Auction Date and Time 28-10-2021 10:00 AM
Auction End Time 28-10-2021 11:00 AM
Application Submission Deadline 25-10-2021 05:00 PM
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English Sale Notice