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Plot in Bhavani , Erode

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    Ph: 0421- 2245586, Branch Head: Mr.D.Muruganandam, Mob: 8300175244, Authorised Officer: Mr.C.Balamurugan, Mob.9944988912: Law Officer: Mr.J.S.Robinson: 9791426246.
  • Price Reserve:   1,10,00,000
  • EMD Amount:   11,00,000

Property Detaills

Item No. 1: In Erode Registration District in Bhavani Sub Registration District in Erode Taluk, in Mettunasuvampalayam Village, in SF No. 88/3 measuring Hc. 0.10.0 and S.F. No. 88/4 measuring Hc. 1.54.5 thus out of total punchai Hc. 1.55.55 (comprised in Old SF No. 678 measuring punchia Ac. 3.88) in Punchai Ac. 2.00 situated on the southern side Site Nos.1 & 2 together admeasuring 4520 Sq. ft. (419.918 Square meter) is bounded on the South by Site No.3 West by the lands of Arumuga Gounder and others North by the lands of the vendors Chinnappa Gounder and others, East by east west 25 ft width North South common road provided in aforesaid survey field. And amidst the Site No. 1 measuring North South 32ft on both sides, East West 70 ½ ft on the south East West 71 ft on the north Thus making in whole 2256 Sq. ft. This out of the aforesaid 2 site bearing Nos. 1 & 2 together admeasuring 4520 Sq.ft (419.918 Sq. mtr.) deducting northern portion of land in Site No.1 admeasuring 1698 sq. ft. of land gifted to Muruganandham under a gift deed 07.06.1993 registered as Doc. No. 1259/1993 the remaining portion of land comprises in Site No.1 & 2 the entire portion of land in Site no.2 together admeasuring 2822 Sq.ft is bounded on the North by Northern portion of Site No.1 settled to Murugandandham South by Site No.3, East by North South road, West by lands of Arumuga Gounder and other, And amidst this the northern and south East West 70 ½ feet on the northern and south, North to South 40 feet on the east and west Thus making in whole the aforesaid remaining specific extent of land measuring near or about 2822 Sq. ft. (i.e 6.48 cents) together with residential cum commercial building constructed therein bearing Door No. 6/1067 to 1069 (Ast. No. 1479) electric service connection Nos. 74 & 74 electric wirings fittings etc., together with right of way over east west 25 feet width north south road. The aforesaid property is situated within Mettunasuvampalayam Panchayat Board and Erode Panchayat Union Limits. The aforesaid property is now comprised in new SF Nos. 308/12, 310/1 and 310/B as per patta no. 527. Property belongs to Mr.E.Muruganandam (vide Doc.No. 1259/1993): Item No. 2: In Erode Registration District, in Bhavani Sub Registration District, in Erode Taluk, in Mettunasuvampalayam Village in SF No. 88/3 an extent of 0.01.0 Hectare and in present resurvey SF No. 88/4 an extent of 1.54.5 hectares totaling an extent of 1.55.5 hectares (for this old SF No. 67B an extent of 3.88 acres) in this an extent of 1698 Sq. ft. situated within the following boundaries:- West of the 25 Feet breadth south north road, North of property belonged to P.K. Manickam East of the property belonged to Arumuga Gounder and others and South of the property belonged to Chinnappa Gounder and K.P. Subramaniam Measuring south north 24 feet both sides, east west 71 feet on the northern side and east west 70 ½ feet on the southern side making the above extent of 1698 Sq. ft. and the building constructed thereon bearing Door No. 6/1066 having assessment No. 1478 electricity service connection No. 77 along with all other appurtenances thereto and the right to use the 25 feet breadth south north cart track emanating from Kavudapadi Main Road and the right to use the other mammol road to reach the property. The property is situated within the limits of Erode Panchayat Union

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Bank and Branch : Union Bank of India and Tiruppur Branch
Auction Type : Sarfaesi Auction
Borrower Name:

M/s Ventura Clothing

Property Type: Plot
Asset Category : Immovable
Auction Date and Time 22-10-2021 01:00 PM
Auction End Time 22-10-2021 05:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline 22-10-2021 12:00 PM
Service Provider mstcecommerce.com
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English Sale Notice