Tiruchengode Branch

Plot in Tiruchengode , Namakkal

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    Contact Officer :04288-259155. Mobile number:9489205987
  • Price Reserve:   51,00,000
  • EMD Amount:   5,10,000

Property Detaills

Property No.3 : EMDTD of Land and Building situated in Survey No.225/12, 225/13, 225/14, 225/15, 232/7, 232/8, 232/9& 232/10 Present T.S.L.R No.125/2, Ward-F, Block No.15, RANA CITY Municipal ward No.29 Sanarpalayam Kottakadu, Western Portion of House Site No.18,(Combined House Site Nos.16,17,18), patta No. 8617 Now T.S.R.L. No.125/12 admeasuring 1800 Sq.ft of land and house building constructed there on in 1338.25 Sq.ft in Ground Floor and 1338.25 Sq.ft in 1st Floor and 140 Sq.ft in 2nd Floor located at Namakkal District, Namakkal Regn District, Tiruchengode Taluk, Tiruchengode Sub-Regn District, Tiruchengode Village. Within the limit of Tiruchengode Municipality. Boundaries: South of: 30 feet breadth East-West Road within this measuring east to west , both sides 30 feet and North to south, both side 60 ft. in total measuring an extent of 1800 sq.ft of house site situated in Western portion of House Site No.18 along with the right of enjoyment of east to west and north to south roads provided in the lay put plan for to and fro and for men, cattles, vehicles etc and situated within the limit of Tiruchengode Municipality, North of: House site No. 29, West of: Western portion of House site No.17, East of: House Site No. 19 part

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Bank and Branch : Bank of Baroda and Tiruchengode Branch
Auction Type : Sarfaesi Auction
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Property Type: Plot
Asset Category : Immovable
Auction Date and Time 22-10-2021 02:00 PM
Auction End Time 22-10-2021 06:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline 21-10-2021 05:00 PM
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