Auction Id: #293860
Bank Details
Reserve Price: ₹ 1,71,00,000
Bank Name
: ₹ 17,10,000
Branch Name
: Credit Recovery and Management Department
Service Provider
:  Public Auction
Contact Details: Authorised Officer Telephone No 04174-248844, Cat No 5354405197

Schedule-B (Property Owned by Mr. K. Kuppusamy, Sio. Kannayiram)
Tinpathur Diens, Tinpathur Registration Disinct, Vaniyambadi Taluk, Antur Sub-Registrar Office. Ambur Town, Ward-0.11 Block SK. Roast Old Door Nos 49.50 & 50 Now Muniopal Door Nos. 43 & 50. fhers No.1 (Covered Registered Sale Deed Doc. No 2703 1986. 8. No 37783 Part Now 15. Nos. 147 & 148. Oxt Door Nus. 48.50 458. Now Mursiopal Door Nos. 494 50 East to West Both th the Sites t North to South Both the Sides 16ft havingan Area of 1024 Boundaries, On On the East by Toilet Lone & House of M Nandha Gopal Mudaliyar, On the Westby: S.K. Road. On the North by House and Shop of Jayaramart. On the South by: Remaining House and Shop of K. Kuppusamy Dem No.2 (covered Registernd Sale Deed Doc. No:2732/1980), Od 5. No.3778/3, Part Now T5 Nos. 147 & 148. Old Door Nos. 40& 50 & 59. Now Municipal Door Nos 49 & 50 Measuring East to West B Both the Sides North South Both the Sides-16 ft. having an Ae of 1,024 Boundaries On the East by Tolet Lane & House of SM Nandha Gopal Mutalyar. On the West by SK Road, On the North by Property of K. Kuppusamy On the South by House of Balaram Chett Item No. 2. (Covered Registered Sale Deed Doc. No. 2648 1988 No 3778/3, Part now TS No. 145. Now sper Arsa of 1921 og ft. Boundaries. On the East by House of Arunachala Chatliyor. On the West by Town Survey Register Extract Sub-ovided as 15 No. 148/2. Old Door No 55. New New Door No No.67 Musing East to West Both the Sides 10, North to South Both the Sides 1976. Having an House of Saraswathi. On the Noth by House of K. Kippusamy On the South by House of Annachata Chattyar Totalling all Three tarms having an ansя оf 1.024-1024-102%-2.240% with the RCC Roof Building Marriage Hat) Constructed thereon bearing Door No

Province/State: Tamil Nadu
City/Town:   Tirupathur
Area/Town: Vaniyambadi.
Property Details
Borrower Name
: Mr K Kuppusamy
Asset Category
Property Type
: Land And Building
Auction Type
: Sarfaesi Auction
Auction Start Time
: 24-07-2024 10:00 AM
Auction End Date
: 24-07-2024 05:00 PM
Application Submision Date
: 23-07-2024 06:00 PM
Sale Notice 1: 
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