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Item No.2: All that piece and parcel of immovable property in Thanjavur Registration District, Vallam Sub Registration, Thanjavur Taluk, Vallam Puthur Sethi Taluk, within Monnaiyampatti Panchayat Union Limits, Vallam Pudur Sethi Village, the property comprised in Survey No.98/1 an extent of Acre 2.18 Cents equivalent to Hect 0.88.25 Ares out of Acre 7.52 Cents and Survey No.99/2 an extent of Hect 0.03.25 Ares equivalent to Acre 0.08 Cents out of Acre 5.99 Cents totally an extent of Hect 0.91.5 Ares equivalent to Acre 2.26 Cents out of which Hect 0.66.80 Ares equivalent to Acre 1.65 Cents of land has been converted into housing Plots and layout formed approved by No.36 dated 06.05.2013 named as "T.N.GANAPATHI NAGAR within this the Plot No.27 an extent of 1371 % Sq Ft, equivalent to 127.49 So. Mt., is situated within the following four boundaries:- North of Plot No.28. West of North South 23 Feet wide road, South of Plot No.26. East of Punjal belongs to Subramaniya swami Kovil and Boomi Vudaiyar. East West Measurement: North 59 Feet South 59 Feet, North South Measurement: East 23 % Feet West 23 % Feet. Totally an extent of 1371% Sq FL, equivalent to 127.49 Sq Mt. The property situated in Survey No.98/1 New Survey No.98/181 an extent of 1097 % Sq FL, equivalent to 102.00 Sq Mt., Survey No.99/2 New Survey No.99/202 an extent of 274 % Sq Ft., equivalent to 25.49 Sq M., together with all existing buildings and structures thereon and buildings and structures as may be erected/constructed there upon any time from/after the date of respective mortgages and all additions thereto and all fixtures and furniture's and plant and machinery attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth, both present and future

Property Details
Reserve Price :  73,00,000
  • Borrower Name :  Mr NS Elavaraman
  • Asset Category :   Residential
  • Auction Type :  Sarfaesi Auction
  • Property Type :  Land And Building
  • Auction Start Date :  17-10-2023 11:00 AM
  • Auction End Time :  17-10-2023 12:00 PM
  • Application Subbmision Date :  16-10-2023 05:00 PM
Bank Details
  • Bank Name :
  • EMD :  7,30,000
  • Branch Name :  Registered Office: Mumbai
  • Service Provider :
Kotak Mahindra Bank

Authorized Officer: . Mr. Praveen Kumar:7981200515/9722778828

  • Sale Notice 1: Kotak Mahindra Bank Auctions for Land And Building in Thanjavur Taluk- Thanjavur